Dating a new guy, but I think of my Ex alot--help!

I met this new guy and now we are dating. He is great, so far everything I have wanted in a guy. However, I catch myself missing or thinking about my EX. I lost my virginity to my Ex and we were very intimate with each other. However, when my Ex and I broke up, I saw a side of him that I hated. He became (or was) very materialistic, selfish, had a bad temper, and was extreamly cocky. So my question is...knowing all this "bad" stuff about my come I find myself thinking and missing him, when I have another great catch?!


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  • You just need to handle all the emotions he's put you through, process them, and then file them away. You've got all these open ends and no where to tie them. That's what happened to me when I broke up with my last boyfriend and started dating my current one. He's the best guy I've ever met and my ex was a real ass but for some reason I couldn't stop thinking about him. Not missing him like you, but just the hatred and the bad times I couldn't get them out of my head. So I talked to a therapist and... It's getting better, she's helping me a lot with finishing thoughts and getting everything straight. So I would say talk to some one about it, some one not involved int he situation. It'll help a lot in getting complete emotional closure, which is surprisingly hard to do. Even if you're the one breaking up sometimes it just doesn't happen. Go talk to some one, that will help a lot, I bet.

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