Nervous bout my first date?

Ok so this guy I like asked me to go to the movies with him his best friend an his best friends girl friend an I was like yeah definitely so he called me today an was like hay got to cancel Tyler (his best friend) girl friend has to work so we cant' go I was like ok that cool he was like but do you want to go tomorrow I was like ill have to check but I think I can go but c this is were the problem comes in he has to work an his friend is just going to pick him up at work an we were going straight from their but I don't really know his friend and or his friends girl friend an I think that would be awkward just me his friend and friends girl friend in the car what should I do

ok I'm cool now it ended up just being me tyler an the guy an it wasen't really that bad it was fun an he ended up not working so I didn't have to worry bout rideing alone
thanks for everyones help me an him are now boyfriend and girl friend


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  • Maybe you could just meet them there

  • Just be youself

    • Well I know that but I think it will be akward if I'm in a car with this guy an an his girl friend an I dont' really know either