So I guess he played with my head and heart?

BY saying he wants me back. But that lasted couple days. Long ass story but short, about texting or calling I feel like I should but he hasn't and its been few days so I don't know what to do.


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  • If he says he wants you back and you do want him back,don't go running straight into his arms.Wait for him to contact you again,if he is the reason you both broke up in the first place,make him wait and fret a little,let him chase you.

    • we did go back its not like we were dating..and we didn't talk for 3 weeks cause he was the reason why we didn't talk will I didnt..and he called me last Tuesday and now since Saturday was an ass because he couldn't get something from me...blah :( and now he hasn't talked to me I feel like he's scared or not or doesn't want to talk to me cause he willl know I won't reply or answer because he did sh*t..

    • you should ask yourself after him being an ass to you and not talking to you at all after that someone you really want to be with?

    • damn it I already asked myself and it all comes to me that I want him. he had no idea.. either cause I don't express my feeling unleesss in bed..sorry. but ya iDK