What does it mean when you kiss a guy but a few days later he tells you he doesn't want a relationship?

Ive known this guy for about a year. Were quite good friends but I wasn't sure if I liked him. Whenever we bump into each other we talk for ages and its always really nice and whenever I'm at his house and a me and his brother and my friend get into discussions about relationships he says he wants one like his brother, nice and casual (my best friend goes out with his brother).

So a few weeks ago I asked if he wanted to come over to watch a film he was talking about ( this was at 1 in the morning) and he came over. we watched the film and I flirted a little bit but he didn't really do much back. Then when he was about to leave we was hugging for ages and we slowly inched towards each others faces and kissed. Then he came back in and we was kissing for ages!

When I was talking to him a few days after this happened I was hinting to him that I wanted it to happen again. I asked him if he was gonna come back in and he said he's not gonna push it so I asked why and he said he's not looking for a relationship, but I never said I was. He said to me he's just looking to have sex atm but not with me as I'm still a virgin and he doesn't want to use me ( I'm 18 and he's 20 btw). Now I'm just confused as to whether he's attracted to me or likes me or not? If he didn't feel anything for me he didn't have to kiss me back or kiss me for that long.

What do you guys think?

Oh yeah his ex girlfriend is kind of my friend and she broke his heart about 5 months ago.

Sorry for the essay guys.


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  • he wouldn't reject your kiss, so he did ... but like, he doesn't wanna be with you because you won't give him "sex". he was honest and told you what he's looking for.

  • He's afraid of what might happen like his ex.


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