What is the phsychology of men who date only high profile women?

I'm wondering what is the mindset of men who only aim for and date high profile women (regardless of looks). Women who come from wealthy families, are entitled, have tons of money yet are not necesarily attractive to them physicaly or in character. I mean they might overtime develope some attraction to them (but this has been proven not to work, attraction is assesed in the first 8 seconds of a man looking at a woman).

If anyone has seen the film "matchpoint", it reminds me of that. Dating entitled woman, marrying her (yet not having any passion past day 2), cheating on her with scarlet johanson sweet damadged struggling type (and throwing her out).

Anyways, this all leaves a terrible taste in my mouth.

And I don't want to hear the whole "women only go for successfull guys" blah blah blah. I'm talking about entitlement, not self developement.


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  • Everyone dates to get engaged in relationship , some relationships may be commercial.

  • I would think that a man that does this sees a high profile female as being an extension of where he is in life- if you are getting into an elite career (upper level management, a job on wall street), you'd want a woman that fits well into what people around you expect right?

    maybe I'm not seeing 100% what you are asking (let me know), but sometimes we really just look for partners based off how they will benefit us at our current place in life, not because of anything else. and besides, you can always get rid of her and start over (although I wouldn't MARRY a girl because that creates legal complications)


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