Rebound relationship or not?

so my ex girlfriend just broke up with me.. were been together for almost 3 years. so this guy started texting my ex as soon as we broke up, at first my ex girlfriend don't respond to the guy's text or calls, but just before one month after our breakup I heard from her friends that they are texting now. her friends told me they text everyday. sometimes he would go see her. why did she suddenly like this guy? when we were together she didn't even like him as friends.. he was too pushy. Is this considered to be a rebound relationship? or is it a rebound relationship only if they are official? Does my ex still have feelings for me at this point? and how long does it usually take to get over a long term relationship?


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  • Since it's not official no it's not a rebound.. She's just dating and if it's been 3 years with the same person so it's not bad that she's going out.But I don't think it's payback it's more like she wants to meet new people and he's given her that attention ..


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