How can I ask a guy to hang out?

I am kinda interested in this guy, but I have only really talked to him in person once. I have his number, and I texted him this one day and we were talking for a bit but that was it. I want to get to know him more but I don't want to over texting. considering that we hardly talked, I don't want it to seem weird when I randomly ask him to hangout... any suggestions?


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  • Go up and start a conversation with him. It really won't matter what the conversation is about, if he is interested, he won't comprehend what you are saying and he will just try to keep the conversation going in order to keep you there. After you start the conversation, try to find a common interest. Ask him what he likes to do in his spare time and make fun of him because you think your weekends are "cooler." Then you can mention that he could show you a fun time or you can show him a better time.

    Do that and you asked him to hang out without him even realizing it.


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