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Men keep leaving me because I won't sleep with them, what should I do?

I googled this many times & they all say to leave the guy. Although, any guy I meet who will wait till marriage is usually super weird & way under my league. I'd rather be single than date any of those guys. It's super hard enough to find a decent guy who also has great manners. Most men are super douchey & non-traditional, or straight up just want hookups. (I'm 20). I really want to wait till marriage for sex since I know I'll have emotional issues if I do it before. I'm not mentally strong enough to have it since I'll keep worrying about STDs, Eskimo sisters, him leaving me, him talking about it to friends, and having an emotional attachment to him till the end of time. I'd be extremely depressed if he ever left & know I'd feel empty. Sometimes I think I should stay single forever but don't know what to do. Are there certain places I could find more respectful & traditional guys? Everyone uses dating apps which I believe has had an impact on how men act. P. S. I also ask guys if they could wait a year which they often say is way too long for them, & then they leave. I don't know how people find men who will wait. The guys I'm talking about are actually nerdier & nicer too. They aren't those typical douchey player guys at all. Their arguments are always about how sex is important in relationships & they want to feel closer. I'm a virgin & know for sure I want to wait till marriage, but part of me fears if I wait I'll just end up with a lower quality guy, especially w/the low-quality men in LA. All these men expect kisses on the 1st date & want to move super fast. In fact, I've read articles on how hard it is to date in LA. The guy I'm talking to now is sweet, nice, tall, good-looking, traditional, but wants to have sex after 3 weeks. He said it feels like it has been a lot longer but I know men say whatever to get into a woman's pants. He said he's looking for a relationship. He went to a highly ranked university w/an acceptance under 20% & is a software engineer.
Men keep leaving me because I won't sleep with them, what should I do?
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