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Girls, is it a turn off for you if a guy is 26 and still lives at home?

This has been one of the main things that has prevented me from making any attempt at trying to date, because I just feel like most girls are gonna look down on a guy who’s in his mid 20’s and still lives with his parents, especially if she’s moved out and lives on her own. Let me also clarify that my living situation is not by choice, I would love to move out and get a place of my own. But I haven’t done that because the state I live in has a very high cost of living and most people struggle to afford living here. Even a studio apartment that is outdated and infested with rats or roaches and located a bad neighborhood is about $1,300 a month and that’s the cheapest rent price you’ll find in this area no matter where you look.

One alternative that I did think of and have been leaning towards lately is buying an RV and living in it at an RV campground because rent is about $500-$700 cheaper at those places and that probably would be more spacious than a studio apartment. Would that be seen as any better than still living at home though? I could see it going either way, it could be seen as not a bad thing and thinking outside the box to move out and be independent in a place with which a high cost of living, or it could be seen as low class and trashy to live in an RV instead of an apartment or house.
Girls, is it a turn off for you if a guy is 26 and still lives at home?
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