Girls, Jealous of this guy?

So I knew this guy from my classes in college and he was regarded popular due to his good looks and having a lot of money. All the girls would just cling to him no sweat and spend a lot of time just flirting and hanging out forever, whilst I the opposite of rich and hot get jacks**t. This hot/rich guy gets girls left and right, even his phone get loaded with likes and messages from them so he's also got social status, whilst I always get left on seen.

What I'm trying to say is that honestly I am really jealous of him because he's got what I could never ever get. Guess ugly/poor people don't deserve love huh? Sheesh that's gonna be a tough pill to swallow and goes to show that girls don't really like ugly/poor guys like myself. I tried talking to a few women and they always express disinterest and run off to the hot/rich popular guy because I'm nothing but ordinary.

Please help me alleviate this feeling. If anything, try to at least. I swear the hot/rich guy never gets rejected nor gets depressed.
Girls, Jealous of this guy?
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