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Why is he trying to get me to feel jealous?

I've been seeing this guy, but we don't really spend that much time together because recently he hasn't been making the effort for us to meet up one on one.

I decided to distance myself a bit, because I didn't see the point of us just talking online all the time and not meeting up. The other day he sent me a message which was just a photo of his day, and I ignored it, then a couple hours later he sent me another message asking me how I was doing.

Then I ignored his next message and he texted me on another number, and by the end of the night I decided to reply saying Hi. After that he texted me back saying he missed me and that he wanted to see me the next day. I keep finding that when I grow distant or cold, and I don't reply to his messages as often, he seems to be clingy and want to speak to me more.

Now I've decided I want to cut him out of my life so I am phasing him out of my life, and I've started to ignore his messages. When I ignore his messages he texts me again saying that he's going through a rough time, so then I feel guilty and he then messages me and starts talking about his ex and how she's tried to get in contact with him. He also keeps sending me screenshots of his messages with her and other girls.

Thing is, it makes me feel annoyed that he's trying to get some reaction from me. I don't even feel jealous but i'm getting sick of this

I don't get it. Why is he trying to make me feel jealous?
Why is he trying to get me to feel jealous?
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