He says that he doesn't date black girls?

okay so I like this guy for a long time right (white guy)

and once he called me pretty

so I started liking him allot

so I told one of my close friend she wanted to help me out and told him that I like him but he didn't know who I was

the next day I was outside with her and we saw him walking by and was like this is the girl that likes you

he didn't say anything I was too shy to look at him

so later on she ask him what he think

and he says that he doesn't date black girls

so what do you think of black girls

would you date them or not and why and why not ?


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  • I would personally date a black girl because I am actually attracted to them, I guess something like this really varies depending on the guy. Some guys will be more open than others, it highly depends. I think you could try to get to know him a bit more and he could actually begin to develop feelings for you

    • yeaa I guess today he said hi to me out of nowhere lol

      what do you think?

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  • Honestly? That depends on the guy, and it's impossible to speak for all of us. Personally, no, I wouldn't, for the reasons that I dislike much of what I've seen of black culture, and I don't find black women attractive. While I can't speak for other white guys, the ratio of white guys married to black women is something like 1/400 married white guys has a black wife, if wikipedia is to be believed.

  • I don't think he doesn't date black girls I think he just didn't find you attractive no offense your a beautiful girl but the way you describe the scene sounds like he used that as a excuse

    I love black women they are usually more straight forward (when I ask where you want to eat I don't need to bullsh*t for 2 hours you know what you want just f*cking tell me) and they are sexy.I eat it up =)

    • ahah I don't know maybe its all good now and thankss

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