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Is it wrong if im not interested with guys who treat me right?

So i have been single for 3+ years from a, i wouldn't exactly called it toxic.. But rather... Unpleasant relationship. I felt like i have been taken advantage on and i receive nothing in return. Since my feelings are genuine and i truly loved and cared for him, I stayed with my ex at that time. As time passes, i couldnt take it anymore and decides to walk away. I broke my own heart but i would not let myself got disrespected like that. There are no cheating involved. More like our relationship is like... He cared but he wouldn't show. He wanted me as his but he didn't want to admit relationship with me to his friends or anyone. Although i know walking away is the best, i couldnt help missing him. Wishing he would change. There are guys who treat me right.. YET I DONT HAVE FEELINGS FOR THEM. Am i still not over him? My ex did asked me out again. He never got in other relationship. He asked about me through my friends. Kept my pictures. Question is, does he really love me? But why would he do that? And me not having feelings towards guys that treats me right... Am i not over him? Im confused af
Is it wrong if im not interested with guys who treat me right?
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