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Torn between ex and potential new guy. Feeling lost/confused/guilty?

My ex and i were together for over a year. Things were great, same music, same age, attractive, made me laugh. Due to my job i could only see him every three weeks and barely text (before this i saw him every weekend for about 7months) This led to conversations we did have being small talk and passive aggressive. He became jealous and very insecure. Doubting me almost every day. Do i want to be with him? do i love him? who am i talking to? He admitted he didn't trust me and at one point i felt like i had to ask if i could change my profile picture from us to myself and he accused me of wanting my profile to appear single. He admitted to stalking my social media all day. I know this is controlling behaviour and I shouldn't put up with it. i took it for about 3 months until i couldn't handle it mentally anymore, i was even crying at work. I have only been single a week so i know i shouldn't expect to be ok. We spoke on the phone and it was like old times, fun topics and making each other laugh (pressure off?) At the end he said i can take all the time i need to heal whilst he also works on himself and we can try again as he is always going to fight for me. It was a completely new attitude instead of the needy/clingy man i knew. This has left me confused.. Enter new guy. We met at work, he's older, more mature and thinks the world of me. He has expressed how well he'd treat me and i know it to be true. He's more stable, good job, his own car and home.. He's secure; i like him but i'm unsure.. is this because of the recent break up and once i'm over it i'll like him more? He said if i rejected him he'd change job and couldn't be my friend which makes me feel extremely pressured to decide quickly though he stated i can take my time, but i'll feel as though i've led him on if i decide not to pursue.
We don't have as much in common as my ex and i did, nor is he as attractive. But i know i'd be treated well.
Prospect of losing either is hurting me deeply. Send help asap!
Torn between ex and potential new guy. Feeling lost/confused/guilty?
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