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Odd attractions in dark times?

Hi, first things first. I am not making this a political argumentative topic.
Now my story, I was originally talking to a girl that I liked and had been on several dates but, she didn't want to be official until "she was sure of things" it had already been a month after 7 long dates but whatever I wanted to show that I can be patient with virtues. This past Tuesday we had finally opened up the topic of political views. I had told her that I straight forwardly told her that " I do not like talking about politics because they're extremely risky on topics" found out that she leans very left with some of the comments that she stated (not repeating it). I personally want to see my personal opinions be more central but, the things that I like lean more to the right. I'm not a political person by any means and I despise politics period. HOWEVER because of these dark times, it's all we identify each other as. I'm more of a lawful good person (DnD reference). I know for a fact I didn't really tell her my views. The most that I mentioned (please no arguments) is that I acknowledge Mr. Trump as the President of the United States. That's a fact and I mentioned nothing more beyond that about that. She didn't seem angry about it because she's logical and intelligent. The last time we texted each other was Friday afternoon. Now normally we text beautiful good morning messages to each other but after 530pm the texts are almost not there. We'd call and talk for hours sometimes to make up for it but from Friday night she said she would call me back but has not even once texted since. I see that she's online the social media like every hour since Friday. I am pretty sure that she's done with me, but my question is why are the left wingers so attracted to me? I honestly don't like the left as much as I like the right (not a right winger).

For the [TL;DR] folks, liberal/left winged birds flock to me and I don't get why and how do I fix that?
Hope my recent date explains it.
Odd attractions in dark times?
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