I have lots of scars from surgery after a bad car accident?

I'm afraid to show most people I am dating them because they've disfigured part of my ankle and one of my feet.

What should I do when I feel uncomfortable doing certain social activities like going to the beach or whatever that would basically require me to expose my scars?


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  • You are ridiculously cool! You survived an experience that was probably pretty terrifying and got some badass scars to show for it! That's way cool and a testament to your strength.

    Don't let them ruin your life. Guys that judge you because of them are not the kind of guys you want to date in any case and you should judge them for being judgmental morons!

    Never forget how powerful as an individual you are - don't give anyone the strength to beat you down. Its hard, but realize that your scars are a testament to your awesomeness and a reminder of how lucky you were (whether your life was in danger or just your pinky toe) you still have both feet and are healthy.

    Alternatively - Vitamin E oil can help reduce the appearance of your scars with prolonged use.

    Good luck!


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  • I wouldn't care, it's only your ankle. Hell, I haven't had surgery and my feet look f***ing odd!

  • Most people don't really care; I mean, I have some pretty nasty scars on my chest, but it doesn't seem to concern too many people when I'm drumming or sparring shirtless.

    If you're really that uncomfortable with your scars, just wear something over your ankle or foot and if people still say something, ignore them; they're full of crap.


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