Guys, what would you do if a girl does this to you?

Imagine in a club or something. There's a girl you are physically attracted to. (you know each other its not like she's a stranger or something. maybe you've had something in the past)

She kisses you, it gets intense. She stops, smiles at you and goes away.

What would you think, would you like it ? Does this make her interesting? And what would you do next?

Tell me :)


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  • I would go and stop her, and tell her, "i just want to know why did you kissed me?" I will be happy but I won't let her go and it ain't her choice and it's MINE! I will take her to a juice store and buy her something she likes so much so it makes her body fresh, and I will take her home than...and I will see if she will tell me anything, but NO SEX! I never did sex before marriage so if she was in love with me that I will continue my relationship with her until marriage...but now I'm married and my story began with a kiss but a with a different story:D


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  • i would go with her, you know, see where she was leading me

    because if she doesn't say goodbye, then this little "session" hasen't ended.

    and if she told me to p*ss off after I went eith her, I would be like "what the f***!? you flirted with me, gave me a seductive glare, and kissed me and now you say "p*ss off" WTF!?"

    yeah, that's how I would react

    • if she tells you like: I just miss this..

      what would you think?

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    • what does she miss?

      that is what I would ask

    • she misses what they had

  • "It seems we're still friends."

    Then I'd wait; I'd need some sort of sign as to whether the kiss was the beginning or the end of things.

    • what if I want it like a new beginning?

    • Still have to give a signal. I'm kissing you, so at least we're on good terms, but I still wouldn't know what you want from me. That has to come from you.

  • Id probably, in a slightly tipsy and aroused state - with boosted confidence.. grab her ass as she turned to walk away lol, and just... see how she reacts.. :P - follow on from their


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