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Would any moderately fit men date a "medium" woman?

I'm newly separated and I wonder if I will attract my type with my body type. I'm what you would call a "medium". Not obese but a little chubby. Not fit but have some muscles (I rollerskate and enjoy working out but not intensely or every day). Not thin at all either but my waist is defined. My shape is hourglass but more emphasis on the "hour" and less on the "ass" haha I don't have a huge ass but it exists, I don't have humongous boobs but they're sizeable. The type of body type I'm attracted to is muscular. They don't need to be bodybuilders but being that I'm soft, I like a guy who is my opposite and is not soft (no flabby stomach) and I don't like skinny or super bulked out muscles. So are any guys like this attracted to a medium with a pretty cute face? Do fit guys like non "fit" girls?
Would any moderately fit men date a "medium" woman?
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