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Guys, Should I Consider Ending it?

Any guy on Here who Knows my More in Store Gore, Knows I am Fed up with this Ex. I feel as Though I am Catching His Hand in a Crooked Cookie Jar. Okay, She contacts him by Email sometimes Only, Calls maybe Six times a Year, But I feel after Today... He is Not Explaining Enough to her about US. I have even Now Reneged on Coming next Year. Sorry to be so Super Unglued Skin Thinned. But I feel it is Degrading Somehow and Now... Wondering what I Need to Do Next here?
Any Help, Suggestions, Opinions, I appreciate from anyone. Thank you. xx
A): End it, Stop Griping about it Now, Paris!
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B): STF, What exactly is this Guy doing so Wrong, Paris?
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C): Other, Paris!
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Ali and I had a Long talk last Night. He finally says SHE IS NOT FAMILY, I AM. xxoo
Guys, Should I Consider Ending it?
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