St. Patrick's Day. Luck o' the Irish on my first date?

OK, so...I'm having a FIRST DATE on St. Pat's Day. Not sure if it's the wisest idea, but perhaps luck will come into play. :)

Any tips for a first date? I'm avoiding the pubs and bars with all of the crazies. I'm thinking dinner at a Mexican restaurant, and then maybe a carnival happening in town. Tips? Ideas?


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  • first date you're doing dinner...bad idea if you ask me...your first 2-3 dates are INTERVIEWS...ex) go to a coffee place, where you can keep the date UNDER 30 min..."interviewing" each other...the carnival idea is EXCELLENT - you're keeping it FUN and interactive, just make sure you keep conversation up...i would suggest a coffee place, sometime under 30 min, you don't want to spill your guts the first date you want her to keep coming back for also don't want to over-do it...i would suggest doing the carnival as athe first date then as your second date do coffee or something, then 3rd you can do lunch or dinner, id still save dinner for when you guys are pretty comfortable with each other, you NEVER want moments of silence on your first date, remember to keep the conversation going and flowing - that's why I say under 30 min...again don't over-do the first date, it may come across as too much...try to keep the first 3 conversational, interactive, fun...other ideas - putt putt, go-karting, something neither of you have done so you can make a fool of yoruself...if you make a fool of yourself it will make her more comfortable...laughing helps too, it will help her open up...just take things slow - IMO I think dinner AND the carnival is way too much for a first date

    • I agree, I always go to a cafe for the first date. We sit down and talk for an hour and you can buy tea/hot chocolate, or coffee if your thirsty or if the conversation is dying and you need a breather.

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  • I think that sounds like a great first date! You can't go wrong with that. You are right to stay away from the bars. Just make sure she likes mexican food first! Some people are picky. But the carnival sounds perfect, great place to hv fun but still get to kno each other. And being in a public setting there shoulndt be any awkward moments. And my advice is be a gentleman, open doors, be respectful, ask questions to get to kno her don't just talk about yourself, smile and be yourself! And its fine to let her kno your nervous shell think its cute!

  • Does she like mexican and are you old enough to drink and does she? If you are, she may want to go out. Did you ask her if she wants to go out? Maybe dinner first, and a bar later?

    • You don't take dates to the bar.

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    • Maybe she does want to go to a bar, it is saint pattys day. Throwin back an irish beer or something might ease the tension...

    • Don't go to a bar. It'll look like you're only interested in getting her drunk...

  • i want to know that happened! lol


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  • use this lines, I will remove all snakes if they come in your life, or I will be always with you , when you are with snakes ( troubles )

    good luck

  • Try not to have drunk sex! xD