Shouldn't she just decide to not go out with him?

My Ex and I broke off about a year ago, she has been dating this guy fro pretty much the whole time and I have been seeing a couple people. I reached out and asked to start hanging out again with the obvious signal that I wanted to see where it went. She seeming interested and was we started talking more and more, we hung out a couple times we made a bunch of plans. I find out she is still seeing this other guy, she tells me they are ending it but she has a last date with him on saturday. So basically she admitted to having a date with this guy. I told her fine just don't sleep with him. But really I don't know. Is this a bad timing thing shouldn't she just decide to not go out with him, I feel like I shouldn't forgive this but I feel like it Doesn't matter either. I mean she is leaving him for me what does it matter if there is some timing issues. I don't know f*** i am so torn I really care about her, but does she care about me at all, we dated for a long time and after a year. She was very mature about telling me everything, hmmm


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  • of course this girl still cares. and great job on making a move to become her friend.

    its a great way to get someone back. being there for them and talking as a friend.

    rebuilding the relationship trust platform is extremely difficult. anyways...

    cut her some slack. she not obligated to be with you with you. she can do w/e she wants...

    point blank.

  • Hey dude, just first off I would not of even mention that I cared if she slept with him. you might But if she doesn't think you care at all she is a lot less likely to sleep with him. Girls want what's forrbidden ya know. Its hard too tell if a girl is really caring for you, because honestly women have a hard time nevigating there feelings, and don't know the right guy for them. she is leaving this guy so she deffly still thinks of you. and the fact that she was mature and honest about speaking with you about all this says maybe she is ready to be serious with you again. If I can give any advice id say don't sweat it so much. I give all girls a fair chance with me but I don't think of it as the end of the world if things don't work out