Why r age gaps such a big deal?

Like I don’t get why some people are so invested with people dating, someone who is older than them. Like for example I’m 19 and I date someone who is 30, but when I get older (like 25) it wouldn’t be be a problem? It’s hard to stop liking certain people without other people finding it disgusting or always commenting about it. I just wanted to know why everyone makes it such a big deal. by the way i totally get why they would look at a man dating a 15 year old wrong but if he was dating someone of age (19) it’s still a problem, lol wtf? I just wanna live in peace
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Thank you all for your help, I now know I can’t live my life trying to please everyone, I’m going to do what makes me happy, despite what others may think. Wish us luck 💕
Why r age gaps such a big deal?
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