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Can a relationship last if the girl is about 7 years older?

I know there are relationships like that but I’m asking in general do you think they last?

My boyfriend left me and I’m alone and broken
I am 34 and I don’t want to be alone. I just want to be with someone permanently already.

this 27 year old guy is talking to me and I don’t like younger guys because I feel it’s not something serious for them.

I feel he’s going to leave eventually because I’m older so I don’t even want to give it a try but he insists.
another issue is he is 5’8
my ex was 5’11 and that’s is important for me, I feel like I am downgrading but I can overlook that I suppose considering it’s better than being alone.

but would it even last?

Why is he insisting so much? Don’t guys always prefer girls who are a few or a lot years younger than themselves?

Would I just be wasting my time if I accept?
because I can’t afford to waste time anymore
I actually want a family and just have that.

(in case it matters, he looks much older than me even when I’m 7 years older than him)
Most likely won’t last. Don’t waste your time and look elsewhere
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At 27 most guys want to settle and even if you’re older he most likely will stay with you
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I have a similar situation and want to see the results
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Can a relationship last if the girl is about 7 years older?
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