Should I ask him to hang out?

I really like this guy (he's a year younger), we talk to each almost everyday on the bus...Not for the whole 1/2 hour straight... We allow other people into our conversation too.

He makes eye contact with me when we talk, flirtatiously teases me and always makes me laugh. He lives pretty close by and I used to be friends/acquaintances with his older brother. (not close friends, we just talked a few times).

Our conversations don't get too detailed, and if no one else is around he's kinda quiet. I feel like, if we hung out we would have tons in common... but I'm scared to be the one to ask him out!

He Doesn't play the sports I do, but he likes to talk about my sports and he gets really into how great it is that I play them, and asks me about my athletic achievements (typical guy?).

I've only really started talking to him recently... but I have a huge crush on him! ?

What do I do?


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  • i say that he's intrested in you. you can tell that he likes you, walking and talking about funny stuff always hits the spot. he obviously giving you compliments about your sport, maybe one day he'll go and watch you :). get to know him more though, don't take the bait that easy, he could be really good on the outside, but you never know the inside

    • Thanks for your advice! To be honest I don't think I have the guts to ask him out myself... And you raise a good point. I think I will wait a little... Hopefully he'll ask me out on his own. :(

    • (haha sorry I meant to put a smiley face!)

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  • Yeah go for it