Does love really make you do “dumb” things?

It’s not as a straight forward question as it seems. It’s more of a question of one’s mindset/ personality.

I’ve seen myself and others go to strange/ silly lengths to either impress/ help our lovers but the ones that stand out to me is those who willingly continue to put themselves in harm’s way whether it be physically / mentally / emotionally.

I’ll give you an example: there was this girl I was talking to over the summer who just got out of a very toxic relationship. We obviously had plenty of chemistry but in the end she chose to go back to him despite the physical / emotional damage he’s done. I can completely understand if she chose another guy over me but not the ex. So maybe it’s Stockholm syndrome.

So I’m curious to hear some enlightening opinions.
Does love really make you do “dumb” things?
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Does love really make you do “dumb” things?
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