Dating an older woman... is she still interested in me??

OK so I'll try to keep this as short as I can!

I met this GREAT girl online and emailed and sent texts for 2 weeks and now we have been on 3 dates. Dinner (Wednesday), Brunch (Sunday) and dinner and movie (Wednesday). So 3 dates in one week. She is 29 and I am almost 27, we are both very independent and have the same relationship values/ideals.

To give you an idea, EVERYTHING has been going GREAT! Great first date (4 hrs), Great brunch (3.5 hrs & little kiss goodbye), dinner and movies (5 hrs, snuggling... hand holding... Joking around and laughing all night... Small kisses during the night and a GREAT kiss goodnight). Every time we went out she said she had a great time and she'd love to meet up again soon. We have been texting everyday since the 2nd date (Brunch, 6 days ago) and the texts have been fun and playful. She has been calling be honey, babe, lovely, gorgeous... Ending the texts in "xxx", "MWHA xxxxxx" etc. She has even been saying things like "what stories will your friends and family tell me about you when we meet?".

She asked if my friend know about her and I told her a couple of then do and she asked "How did you tell them we met?" (again we met online) I was honest and said "I told them we met at a cafe and you said HI to me" we had a big laugh about it and she said "Well we will have to correct that fast" I didn't think that would be a deal breaker.

So as you can see, things have been running super smoothly :) here it comes... BUT... last night I sent her a text asking how her had was (with a funny context to the movie we saw the night before) and she replied back within minutes and we texted back and fourth about 4 or 5 times... I made a joke about a story she told me on our 3rd date about how she kneed a guy in the nuts when she was 11... Then I didn't hear back from her.

I sent her a casual text this afternoon, "Hey honey :) how's your Friday traveling", and didn't hear back so I called her about 4 or 5 hrs later and the phone rang out so I left a voice mail. (I called her because after our last date I asked if she was busy on the weekend and she said her nights were but she's free during the day if I wanted to do meet up again, so I was calling to arrange it). Then tonight I was on facebook right when she "liked" a comment I made on a video she posted on my wall earlier the night before our 3rd date... but still no text or call from her!

So now I'm not too sure where I stand. I guess I have a couple of questions:

1) Does it sound like she doesn't want to see me again?

2) Do you think the joke about her kneeing a guy in the nuts when she was 11 or how I told my mates and family how we met might have offended her?

3) Do you think I have been contact her too much?

She is a great girl and I don't want things to stop here so I'm curious to see what others think!

Thanks All!


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  • Ok it sounds like she's keen so I don't think you should worry too much.

    Answer to your questions:

    1) Nope maybe she's busy or has a valid reason.. no one goes out on 3 dates and starts ignoring people.

    2) I don't understand why she would be bothered with this.. it happened when she was 11 and I'm sure it's a funny anecdote so don't get what the big deal would be about it.

    3) Maybe you have been in contact too much.. she probably needs some space so give her some time and see how it goes. Don't be too pushy and don't get too hassled by Facebook likes.. I can imagine your worry but take it easy!

    • Thanks for the answer! ALL THREE OF YOU! You were pretty much all on the money! I didn't contact her after my phone call and left the ball in her court! I am pretty conscious of how much I contact girls... sorry... women :) Well any way she text me today and then she called me too... she just had a sh*tty week, got home from work really late and crashed on the couch! Thanks for your help... she asked me over for pizza, wine and a movie tomorrow night so I'm sure everything is still OK :)))

    • Glad to be of help! Good luck :)

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  • number one, nope. maybe she just needed space

    number two, no it didn't. any girl wouldn't be offended with that kind of joke

    number three, its just normal to contact daily since you're both interested with each other.

    So, according to your story, she's interested with you and maybe just give her a day or two then afterward, text her again or go to her place, surprise her or something (:

  • Hahahaha. "Older" woman. She's only two years older than you, bro! She seems interested, but you're dissecting every little thing TOO much. Give her a bit of time and space. Let her miss you and know what she's missing out if she never contacts you again. Sounds like you may be making yourself too available and might be smothering her. Not all women like too much attention- at least not until there's a boyfriend title.


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  • Well you my not have said that nut joke to her for one thing

    the next thing I think you are pushing it to hard and need to back off some and let her come to you if she steel what's to go on more dates with you

    just because you have not got a text or a phone dose not mean that she dose not what to date you no more it my be she has thing going on and right dose not have the time to call you or text you people do get buss in there life

    the last thing she 29 and you are all most 27 there is not that much age diff so how can you say that you meet an old women it just two year and that not that old so back off just a bit and ill bet she will call soon

  • Of course. (2) It shouldn't matter

  • Yea

  • It sounds like she still is.