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A dying relationship?

A dying relationship?
My girlfriend and I have been dating for two years now. We have been happy plenty but also have had a lot of bumps more than most relationships we have both agreed. Neither of us have cheated or done anything in that manor. I work late shift as a Police officer and am a very simple guy. I like to be at home relaxing with her and my dog when I’m work, or at the gym and she goes with me. Problem is she has always held my past against me due to the fact that I when I was younger I dated around. I am a very committed person though once I am in a relationship and I will not cheat.

Social media is another hot topic for our relationship. I don’t care who she follows or who follows her just that she doesn’t post any crazy half naked photos. She on the other hand goes through my phone and removes females and interrogates me about who certain ones are. She even got upset that I followed arianna grande.

Recently we have been considering ending the relationship due to us just not agreeing or either of us being truly happy. Problem is I hate giving up and try to hold all the pieces together every time it’s about to slip away. I do love her and she has great qualities but I don’t know if I can live the rest of my life in an un happy relationship where she always wants to waste time fighting about pointless things. To give an example here are the things she says I do that she doesn’t like or wishes I would change. She says I don’t care enough, I’m not affectionate enough, I don’t speak her love languages, I care more about my dog than her, I say things that upset her which i intend as a joke, she says she doesn’t trust me even though I’ve done nothing wrong, she says that I want attention from other people, she says that I never get her small gifts, and says that I put more effort into my job and everything else than into her. She also said we don’t have sex as much as she would like. So yeah I’m torn because all I ever wanted was just to be happy. Please help.
A dying relationship?
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