Playing the numbers game?

Lately I've been pretty confident around girls (as opposed to how shy I used to be). So far I've managed to make a lot of new friends and meet a lot more girls in college both in classes, at parties, or even random places around town. I've also gotten several numbers and a few first dates too but nothing more.

Things just aren't progressing like I'd like. I've met plenty of girls that I've tried to get to know better but none of them are really that interested. What can I do?


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  • Well, I can only think of 2 options: keep meeting/dating new people, or stop looking for awhile and focus on other things. When you mention the "numbers game" I am assuming you mean that the more women you meet and go out with, the more likely it becomes you will find one you really click with, and that's pretty much true. You may not meet your Miss Right for quite some time, but casually dating can be a ton of fun and at your age you're probably still figuring out exactly what it is you want. Just relax and enjoy yourself and don't worry too much about when something will happen or where things are going.


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