From the "bees knees" to being dumped?

I am in my late-20s. I met a girl online. We attend the same graduate school. We began to date a couple of months back. Things were slowly, but well. This was my first relationship and her second (previous one was 4.5 years, ended after college. She moved away, they tried an LDR and they realized that they were not compatible).

She recently dumped me. It blindsided me. The reasons she gave seemed vague and reasons to talk and build a relationship, but not end one. We were at "different stages" because I was negative on my grad school experience, she could not share her passion with me. Up to an almost two-week vacation she took, things were going well. We were not in much contact during the vacation, and then she dumped me a few days after she got back. She told me the reasons and then said that her vacation clarified it for her. But, we had never discussed her problems. She had never indicated to me her problems. And until she dumped me, she seemed to be into the relationship (canceling an online dating profile, agreeing and excited to meet my parents when they visited later, things like that). We spent time together, frequently eating lunch amongst mutual friends and being commented upon about our well we matched. And we talked, of course. Yet, she comes out of nowhere, seemingly, to end it after a vacation she had. I would have thought that her concerns deserve a talk and an opportunity for me to work to be a better boyfriend. But she dumped me. I have been in contact with others who have given me the impression that her concerns were known and her intentions were known; unfortunately, she did not share her concerns with me, only when she broke-up did she discuss these issues.

It was just over a six week relationship. I don't think I want to try to get back together with her, but this happened relatively recently and I would like any thoughts people might have. I am confused. In my next relationship, I want to be able to catch things and communicate better with my girlfriend. Thanks.

We also began to attend church services together.


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