Ever sent a text to someone else then the person you wanted to sent it to?

OK so i was wondering if you ever sent a text to the wrong person if so was it embarrassing? Like example wanted to text your girlfriend and you say hey cutie and you actually send it to one one of your guy friend? same for girl? Frankly I did but I was asking a question to my friend and actually send it to my dad how about you?


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  • I CAN'T to this day believe this happened to me considering how stupid it is. My boyfriend and I were texting and I was about to send him "ironic" lyrics from a song that was playing on the radio. I was on the treadmill and at the same time his mom texted so I accidentally I wrote to her instead. Transcript as follows:

    Me: SOMEBODY CALL 911!

    Her: omg what why? what's wrong?


    Me: Whoaaa!

    ::shakes head::


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  • Yeah I accidentally sent quite a rude text to an ex-girlfriend from my mobile because they had similar beginning names, and I was used to flicking straight down to my previous ex, called Megan, that I had done and sent it without really thinking about it.

    Megan > Natalie, M N O P Q etc.

    It was embarassing and also quite amusing because I had only just recently broken up with her, and it was a vicious parting.

    I got quite a scathing text back, I can tell you. It was horrendous. :)

  • My buddy sent me a message the other day intended for his wife. I pretended to be his wife and responded "Oooh daddy I love when you call me baby, you're my sexy brown Easter Bunny!" (he's Latino).

  • A few years ago my roommate pissed me off. I meant to send a text message to a friend where I called my roommate a f***ing ****. I accidentally sent the text message to my roommate though. Good thing he was a potluck roommate.


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  • Haha yeah, everyone has! My most recent one was sent to one of my best friends ABOUT her, but luckily it wasn't express so she didn't realize.

    • oooh thank god! that would of been a bitch to explain I think

    • Haha it wasn't anything too bad, but my friend was really pissing me off, so I was texting my best friend about how much I would put up wtih before I stormed out. What I sent to the friend who was pissing me off was, "Strike two" hahahaha

    • xD oh god xD well its not too bad if she hasn't realized it

  • Lol something like the example I did once

    I was going to text my girl friend.."hey bitch I miss you so much when are we hanging out?"

    and I sent it to the guy I like since they both started with the same letter in my contact I guess I didn't check..and he texted back "umm..I guess let me know when you want to but no need for name caling" lol I was like omh ha ha it was funny

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