Shy guy: How do you know when the right time to kiss a girl is?

How do you know when the right time to kiss a girl is?

How do you know when she wants you to?

How do you go about doing it?


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  • make sure the convo is going good first. ull kno she's into you if she's flirting, laughing and relaxed. nothing is worse than being tense and uncomfortable around a guy and then him trying to kiss u. At the end of a date its kind of expected if it went well. and if the convo is really easy flowing I don't think she would mind if you just asked if you could kiss her. otherwise you just kind of know. its probably not what you want to hear but ull just know when it feels right. love isn't a science of timing etc. its all about feeling!

    best of luck

    mya :)


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  • try watching the movie 'Hitch' for advice.

    also, if she looks at your mouth while your with her its an almost definite sign that she is ready for a kiss.


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  • Hey, from a guy's point of view, just like what eemus said, if she looks at your lips more than likely, she wants to kiss you...and what Mya said was true also, but there is timing involved lol, I mean if you don't time it right, you might not get that kiss after all...but hey, you'll do fine, trust me, I'm a Psychiatrist :D

    From One Guy To Another,


    a.k.a. D.J.

    P.S. Good luck Man, you won't need good luck, but still :D