Who should I ask to prom?

So its about time to start asking girls to prom and I have to decide between three girls who like me. The first one I like the most but recently people have been telling me she's mean. I've known her for a couple years and have never seen it though. she's one of the prettiest girls at school but is super shy. She has brown hair hazel eyes and is about 5'5. The second girl is cute really outgoing and we always have great conversations. She has dirty blond hair and is also about 5'5 . The third girl is the hottest girl at school who I didn't think even knew my name until a couple weeks ago when we were talking at a party and she told me she liked me she was was a little drunk and I was not so I turned her down. She is tall blond and gorgeous. I can't decide any opinion would be great.


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  • i think 1 or 2 cus it sounds like you have a better connection with them. if you really like the first girl take her, you clearly are attracted to her and if you've never seen her be mean you can't really put that into context so don't worry about it, you have to go on your own experiances and it seems like youve only had good experiances with her and you said it yourself you want to take her the most, the secind girl sounds great too, if you go with her you wil have a great times, you akready know it won't be awkawrad cus you guys have great conversations and she's outgoing. if you really wanna take the first girl, do what you feel but if your nervous or you let your frieds words get to you then take what's behindd curtain number two

  • you should choose a girl that is more simmilar to you and one whith who you feel comfortable.. its up to you, one of my best advices would be that you listen to some general advices but not any specific because persons who are giving you advices are not you, they don't know how you feel and they don't know real situation..

    good luck! :)


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