Should I continue to date this guy even though I now know he is also attracted to my best friend?

So here is a lesson to all that it is a small world out there.My best friend lives in PA and I live in NJ and we both signed up for Match.con.I was talking to this guy for about 2 weeks on the site and then 2 weeks over the phone and we decided to meet up and go out on a date.We hit it off OK and have been talking for the last weeks since.My best friend comes up to visit me from PA and of course I am telling her about him and show her his pic and she says "he looks familiar,I think he winked at me in a few days ago", we go into the site and sure enough he sent her a wink the day after his first date with me.Now I don't have a problem with him continuing to look cause that's what dating is but it just feels weird that its his bad luck that its my best friend !


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  • You're making too much of it; I'd understand if he was asking for a threesome but he sent a wink on a dating website; are you really going to hold that against him? If it makes you that uncomfortable hopefully you're both mature enough to civilly discuss the intricacies of the situation.

    • Thanks,its strange cause its one of those things that is just life but it just didn't fall in his favor this time lol.Its like something that happens by accident but still unfortunately changes the way you see the person lol.The other part to this is that my best friend and I NEVER attract the same man cause we are total oppossites,so I'm a little confused if he knows what he wants or if he's just fishing for responses and not for relationsihp reasons like he said.I definitely plan to chat with him

    • My suggestion is you ask if he likes you and if he's going to be fishing for a while. Those two questions will open doors for you to good solid options.

    • You're good.I was just coming on to give an update.I brought it up and he said to me that it was a week ago and he doesn't plan to pursue anyone else.Unfortunately that's not the answer I was looking for lol, I'm not ready to commit to him in that way that part didn't bother me, it just was that it happened to be my best friend.If we did end up working just don't know if I like that story, hey kids let me tell you how your daddy could have been your fake uncle lmbo

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  • He is a big jerk. Luckly for u! You found out tht you should not date him because he probably date wih another 10 girls. I think you should finish with him!

    • She's a little older than that kind of thinking. Plus she states openly she understands that he's looking as "That's what dating is about", I'm sorry pretty princess but you're a few nuts and bolts behind.

    • Agreed, we are just in the beginning stages of dating and I am dating other people as well, so that's not the probably.The prob is that its one of those things that's nobody's fault but it still changes thinks in my mind to think that he would also want to be with my best friend,especially since we are total oppossites, it makes me think if you are right and he is just fishing for any hot girl to respond regardless of what she is like as a person.

    • i see now, srry :/