Should I put my heart on the line?

so last weekend my boyfriend asked for a break but he did say he didn't want me to go anywhere so that was reassuring, well a week has passed and I couldn't take it anymore especially with the week that I've been threw I hardly slept or ate and I've cried every day even at work, I respect his decision and that he needed this time but going a whole week without talking, texting or even seeing him hurt a lot. So I decided to text him and ask if we could meet for coffee so we are, my question is should I put my heart and tell him how I feel? My best friend says I'm in love and that he needs to know, what do you think


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  • A break is a way of breaking up with a rhetorical fling. I'd talk to him about why he wants a break before confessing your love. You want him to be with you because he wants to, not because you love him. If he doesn't truly love you back (which he doesn't at this point), then he why would you box him in a relationship?

    Now, you could say, "I really like you and I thought this relationship was going somewhere, yadda yadda yadda..." just make sure a relationship is what both of you want, and not just you. He probably asked for a break for a reason.

  • See this is a weird situation. Because either he's "taking a break" but keeping you near him just in case he wants you back one random day OR he actually wants to keep you. You could possibly just be in love and it's that simple. I agree with your friend. If he knows and he knows what he's got, he'll understand. But if he's stubborn, you have to let him go friend.

    I hope this helps

    • i agree, just tell him how you feel, and surly he'll come back with a good response. but why did he need a break for, what were his purpose?

    • he's going threw a divorce and I know it's hard on him I think he's confused and don't know what to think and I understand his decision for a break and I know that relationships aren't perfect, I trust him 100% and that he wouldn't cheat on me, I honestly think it's his ex that is making him confused and that she can only be happy and not him but then again I'm not sure hopefully I'll have an answer I was looking for soon

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