20 year old and a 30 year old?

I'm interested in a 30 year old. We really click and things are going well. People keep saying its "gross" and why would a 30 year old want to date a 20 year old. well.. I'm 20 but I have two kids, I won't date guys younger then 24 (usually not mature enough to handle two kids.) what's wrong with me dating older guys? I'm not a party girl, I don't even like to drink. I'm not some young hot easy chick. He wasn't LOOKING for someone as young as me.

Do you see an issue with this age difference when there are kids involved.


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  • I think that when you have kids everything changes, and I do get it. You have things in common - your lives in general involving your children.

    I wouldn't judge.

    And I know that not many guys (younger guys - from 18 to 25 (or even older)) want a girlfriend who has children. It's just too much responsibility for them. They're still children themselves.

    But if you had no children then I'd get worried...because then it would all be pretty creepy!


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  • To be honest with you, age is just a number. If you feel OK with him, then what does what your friends have to say matter. You are obviously old enough to make your own decisions. And for being 20 have matured. When I was 18 I dated a guy who was 32. It really all depends on how you feel. The two of you are adults. Just make sure it's what you want. =)

  • why would someone 30 want someone younger than him? plus you have 2 young kids. what might his motives be?

    think about it...

    • you assume he's a perv. He has his own kids too. is a 20 something year old any less likely to be a perv? maybe because I have kids I shouldn't date at all for that reason. my dad was 8 years older then my mom, not a perv. my step dad is 12 years older, also not a perv.

      not to mention MOST guys date girls younger then them, at least a bit younger.

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