What was a cool way that a guy kissed you?

I've been hanging out with a girl from work now for about a month. We don't see each other everyday. When we see each other, we make plans to hang again. She told me she was single. Sometimes after hanging out there is that awkward good-bye. We usually just hug and say goodnight. When we hug, real tight, I feel like kissing her neck. She smells so good, like fruit. There is never really a time that feels right for me to kiss her. Only one time we were sitting on a park bench really close; talking, and watching the sunset. I was gonna kiss her if she looked at me, but she didn't. I feel like just asking her if she would like to kiss me. I feel like a wussy after I don't make a move. Any tips would be appreciated.


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  • the coolest way I was kissed ... I was nervous and I ddnt want to look at him, but we were talking really close like you said you were doing in the park ... anyway, he grabbed my chin and pulled me to his lips, I ddnt know for sure if I wanted him to kiss me but at soon as he did this I was glad he did ... then later he told me that he felt like if he ddnt do that we wouldn't have kissed and that wouldve drive him crazy , ha ha .. so I dnt know just don't be afraid, take a chance , she could be as nervous as you are or even more ... good luck <3


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  • Coolest way I was kissed...was when one of my old boyfriends and I had gotten into a minor argument...we didn't talk for a couple of days..then he walked up to me at school and slapped me (not that hard) and kissed me..something about it was really hot..I instantly forgave him...but yeah I don't recommend slapping her...I would just wait until she looks at you one night before you say goodbye...if she averts her eyes..it means she is scared too...and thinking about the same thing... she's probably just avoiding it because she is very nervous to make the first move...BUT either way..if she looks at you or she doesn't..I would grab her face..preferably jaw..GENTLY..and pull her lips to yours..if she freaks out and backs off..then she doesn't like you in that way...or is very f***ing weird...but TRY THAT...she will either reciprocate the motion..or she won't...BUT until you do..it is going to drive you NUTS...

  • When you drop her off or say goodbye look into her eyes and kiss her its easier said then done but I hope this helps good luck!


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