Is she trying to tell me that she is over me?

Met this girl 3 months ago and went on 3 dates with her over the course of 2 months. She has a really busy schedule with school and work. Everything was going great and we had a nice time every time we would hang out. We would text everyday and that went well too. But lately she hasn't been texting me back and seems like she has lost interest. Is she hinting that she is over me or what? What should I do? Should I ask her about it? I was thinking about confronting her about it and telling her how I feel about her Because I really like her, thought things were going well and thought she was girlfriend material. And then all of a sudden she's flipped a complete 180 on me. I don't know what to do.


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  • Well I saw what the other people posted, and it seems that you are well into each others lives. It could be that she feels you guys have been spending too much time with each other and she wants a little breathing room. I don't know how much breathing room you have been giving her, but I would suggest you wait a week. Even if you really want to text her, give her space. This can help you to see how well you're functioning with/ without her. If she doesn't hit you up in a week, just go ahead and do it again. From there, try to meet with her in person and then ask her about it.

    If she is girlfriend material, it's best to be patient with this kind of stuff. However, if she is still behaving this way, I would suggest to move on because she isn't ready for whatever you're ready to give her. Hope this helps :/

    • Yea we haven't spent to much time together just the 3 dates and a few occasions here and there. The only communication we have is texting everyday, if she responds. She used to a lot but lately hasnt. Yea like a week or 2 ago I didn't talk to her for like 4 days and then she seemed OK and wanted to talk, but lately doesn't talk that much and seems to be like ignoring me. I've been trying ot meet up with her to ask her about it but she's always busy. And I don't want to give up because I really like her

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    • Well just wait a week for your own sake because I can tell you really wanna make this work for you two. If it doesn't work, I would suggest for you to move on. Confronting her about it wouldn't be so wise simply because she will be thinking more about not hurting you instead of telling you how she feels. After the week, just say "Hey do you want me to give you space?" based on her response, then that's what's going to tell you how she feels... If she wants you, she'll come back

    • Ok yea I guess I'll just give that a try and see what happens. And yea I'll try what you said and see what she says, that seems like it would give me the answer I am looking for. Thanks for your help and advise.

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  • hi,

    see I know people say you seem stupid when some rejects you or if you didn't get the same reply from the person you like or love what would be the answer?

    i say you should tell her how you feel you back up now and if you like her might be a chance of losing her.

    dont do that mistake. she might be busy in her work and may be need more attention from you girls mostly do that to check up on guys and look for guys to make a move.

    but if that's wrong you never know.

    i say you give it a try tell her how you feel so if in future something went bad you won't be regreting tht you didn't made the mov.

    good luck if you need help message me I will get back to you as soon as possible. :)

  • maybe she wants to hang out more but you're not asking her

    • No that's not a problem. I've asked her a few times to hangout again, but she's always busy or doesn't respond to my texts.

  • is or was she dating other people ?

    • No not that I know of.

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    • its OK but still not as good as in person ..its been two days wht uve done ? ..

    • I texted her yesterday and it took her like 5 hours to respond, probably busy, but she did and we just talked about each others days. I was gonna ask her if she wanted to go to lunch tomorrow and if not try and plan something for next week since I'm going home for the weekend.

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