Did I do something wrong?

This guy and I have been involved. We've had drama, then things started going smoothly. We were finally civil. We would run into each other and he would say "I'm going here right now" and "I'm free until this time." I would choke so I wouldn't say anything, but when I finally started doing the same thing like "Hey let's hang out" he started saying "next time" or "I'm busy." I don't understand what happened. Everything was going well. Help?


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  • Sounds like he's messing you around...

    • Sigh. That was what I was afraid of. ...

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    • :) Thanks... I just thought it would be different this time. Guess all he's ever going to see me as is a piece of meat. Oh well. I should just move on.

    • Yep, find someone who wants to give you the time of day! :)

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