Anything in the future?

Theres this guy I have been talking to ever since October. We started getting super close in December on New Years Eve when I got my new phone. On his dads birthday, at around 11 at night, he asked me "why aren't we dating?" , and I really liked this guy and he really liked me back, so we decided to be in a relationship. One night, he called me at around 2:30 in the morning, and I started getting a bit emotional around half an hour into the phone conversation. I made a HUGE mistake by saying " _________ (name) I don't think you love me anymore"

we got into a HUGE fight.. and aventually he sent me a text saying "call me" . I called, and he was nice about it, he said "I don't think we should date anymore" I pretended I was okay with it, and just simply said "me neither". We broke up, and I sent him a text about 3 days later saying "hay whatsup?" and he's like "not to be a douche, but why are you speaking to me?"

I found out he deleted me from facebook when I got a notification saying "------- ------ (name) wants to be your friend.

So he deleted me , and then added me again. I haven't accepted yet, I'm gonna wait.

I still have feelings for this guy, do you think maybe there will be anything with him in the future?


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  • Maybe if you start communicating with each other.


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  • You should accept his friend request to you..And ask him"Don't you already delete me from your friend list?why you add me back?"..Actually,I've already face all this but once..

    • well, I sent him text about 3 or 4 days after the break up, and he's like "not to be a douche, but why are you talking to me?" when we broke up about a week ago, I said to him on the phone "we can still be friends , right?" and he said "yeea" .

      But now he doesn't wanna talk, what's the point of being friends on facebook? He can never be my "friend" .. He's so much more then that !