If a guy hangs out with pretty girls, does he notice other girls?

I'm starting to like this guy. He hangs out with a ton of pretty and skinny girls. I want to know if he will ever notice me, because I'm a tomboy and don't hang in that group.


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  • He won't notice you. Some might not like that reply but it's an honest one. Why would a guy who has options leave his group to pursue the tomboy in the corner?

    Am I saying your not good enough for him? No. You could be his perfect match and he will never know. He will never speak to you, get to know you, or have any conceptions of the wonderful person you could be. As things stand your just another outcast admiring him from afar.

    Most things in life don't come to be without a little push. Step out of your comfort zone.

    • Well I'm not really a tomboy in the corner. I'm more skater. And I'm on Student Council. Plus I try to talk to him, I just don't get the opportunity very much.

    • I wasn't speaking specifically just metaphorically. I was trying to get the point across that you won't attract his attention unless you demand it.

  • Often guys notice girls outside their group. Why? Because they are challenges, which are attractive. However, if you do not hang in his group you may have to make a move. Talk to him and flirt. Tease him and hit him playfully. Don't be afraid of being too harsh with your teases. If you are a bit rougher around the edges he may see you as more guy-like, and that could be to your advantage since you could be an escape from the usual girls who need babying. Goodluck!


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