How to tell if a guy likes you through text?l

im just gonna keep this simple.. but besides just flirting through texting. like does he send really long texts? or just agree with everything?


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  • best advice, that I can give. is be careful to fall for someone through text messages. it not always the same as meeting him, and really getting to know him. when you do meet him it will be like getting to know him all over again. flirting is easy through a textsing, so try stay on top of it, if he likes you, he will probably start the text message, and be the last one to reply too. his text will be longer, and should be longer than yours, that way he will want to talk to you more. But keep him on his toes, don't always reply back straight away, or you could come across clingy. :) just some thoughts to it

    • okay, thank you! what happened was I asked on facbook for phone numbers since I got a new phone, and he sent me his, so I texted him, and he didn't reply, but then the next night he texted me, and then a few days later, (now) we are texting(;

      he sends two page messages a lot, and does a lot of smiley faces and exclamation points. and agreeing with a lot of stuff I say ! but I'm not quite sure if he likes me!

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    • okay! but so far does it seem like he likes me?

    • i wouldn't doubt that he likes you, but it about how he likes you that I don't know. from my personal experience though life.. is that time is short, so don't spend to much time wondering if... if he/or you wait too long to make something of it, it can become a good friendship. so, if you can't get it out of him, there's no harm making the 1st move.. worst thing happens he doesn't feel the same. but least you will know. and life can go on, with a great friend or possibly more :)

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  • why not just talk to him? why does everything have to be text these days? I can't tell a thing from a text. that might just be me but I feel texts are impersonal