Why am I not good enough?


I’ve never had a boyfriend and everytime I talk to a guy they just end up choosing someone else. I’m not overweight, I dress well, I wear makeup. Every guy i’ve talked to just used me for sex. I didn’t even start talking to guys until age 18 because I was shy and afraid of getting hurt. And now that I start talking to guys, they just use me for awhile and then throw me away. I’ve never been asked out on a date, nothing. I’ve hooked up with a handful of guys and I only did it because I wanted attention, I wanted to feel wanted. Guys literally just use me for sex and if I say no, then they don’t even bother talking to me. It’s nearly impossible to feel confident when I literally get fucked over by every guy I talk to. Even when I act confident, I still get fucked over. I don’t understand why other girls are good enough to date but I’m not. I feel like I’m just a joke to guys.
Why am I not good enough?
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