Can you disable the IM feature on this site?

I have been on this site for a while and still don't get how random people can I'm me, I really hate it. I don't mind it sometimes but some people just take up so much of my time IM'ng their questions. I'd rather just answer questions that people post, than have people beeping me to answer their questions all the time, or guys bugging me on here to date them. This is not a dating site! Its a question and answer site!

So is there anyway to disable the I'm feature? I have set my status to offline but sometimes it goes online :S And then I people start bugging me and its annoying.


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  • Just go to the little window in the bottom right corner that says 5 friends online or whatever then click on it and the window will pop out and at the top it says your screen name is available, click on the little arrow then click sign off chat. Then nobody can message you...otherwise just ignore them


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  • Click on the tab that says 'X Friends Online' then click on your name. It will give you the option to sign off chat, you'll then be offline. No one can contact you.

    When you're online people can go on your profile and it says you're online and gives them an option to have a chat with you.


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