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Spend the night together, now a date?

Me and the guy had met each other on 3 separate occasions but were both shy so we both took it as neither was interested. We know each other through a mutual best friend. The most recent night out we seen each other later on and after we had a few drinks. We went out into the smoking area and we spoke for a bit and then we kissed. We then admitted we both had a crush on each other. I told him nothing further than a kiss until a date and we agreed to properly go on a date however tonight would just be a cuddle. So we spent the night at his and just cuddled on his sofa. The next day we woke and we still cuddled. Then our best friend came in a we woke up. I left not Long after but we didn t swap numbers or anything. Now our mutual friend has offered to arrange a meet up. Should I go with this? The guy is cute 😉
Spend the night together, now a date?
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