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Drinking alcohol before a date?

I don't date often, I got divorced about 9 years ago from an abusive husband who cheated all the time. Not quite sure how to act around men now, not saying they're all the same at all, it's just my own awkwardness and trying to figure how to act and react. I get super nervous and don't talk much, or don't interact at all, I drive myself crazy after dates thinking of what I could have said and wanted to say, etc. A friend of mine suggested maybe taking a shot or 2 of whiskey or vodka before a date to help ease the nerves and allow me to be myself. Has anyone tried this before? I don't want to be dependent on alcohol to have a decent date or to deceive my date, but I know a little relaxes nerves. Thoughts? Suggestions? Give up dating? Lol
Drinking alcohol before a date?
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