She will kiss me, but she won't let me kiss her! Why?

This girl that I like who likes me too would always kiss me but then when I go in for the kiss she puts her hand against my chest and says HEY! I say what? That's how I feel about you. Then she would start kissing me again. Why does she push me away when I go for the kiss, but she will make out with me when she leads in? Why does she do this? What does this mean?


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  • Well there might be two reasons for this...first that could be something she might like to do (to kiss you first) or she might just want to tell you how much she loves you by kissing you first and avoiding you to do it before her and I think the second reason is probably the right answer.

  • It sounds like a control issue. As long as she knows she's going in for this kiss and is in control of it, it's okay. You try and take the initiative and she stops you. There are two ways to see this - she has issues and can only do the making out think when she is ready and she also likes to be in control in order to feel secure about it.

    OR she likes to be in control and tease you and say when, where, how, thereby keeping you in check and on a leash...

    Whatever the deal, you have to talk to her and ask her what the problem is.


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