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My community won’t accept me dating a black guy?

So I’m a white South African girl and for the past 20 years of my life I’ve liked white men. I’ve only been dating white men, however I met the most charming handsome amazing black guy and it was love at first sight. Our personalities just compliment each other.

But, living in South Africa, this is a big issue for most people; dating interracially.
We are from different cultures, I’m from a very conservative white family and he from a strict black family. These types of relationships gets frowned upon in my country.

I never thought I’d like a black guy, but he is just so amazing. And I don't know how to go out in public and face this in my community and our parents reaction. Both our cultures would disown us because we are inlove. He was the one who suggested to keep everything private and secret (due to judgement in South Africa) but, I don’t want to keep hiding. Any tips?
My community won’t accept me dating a black guy?
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