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Should I tell my parents about my date?

So I have always sought acceptance from my parents, and I am terrified that they will disapprove of my actions. Their opinion also means a lot to me.

However, I am nineteen , I go to college and I live on my own. I am not financially dependent on my parents at all and I get good grades at school.

I met this guy a few months ago and we have been talking almost every day since. I really like this guy (he is 23), and I have arranged to meet him in two weeks (he lives six hours away). I will be staying with my brother and his girlfriend, so they know about everything. We wil be spending a lot of time together the week I arrive.

But the question is, should I tell my parents? It`s only a date. I feel like they would be disappointed in me if I didn't tell them anything, but I also feel like it is nobody`s business but mine.

What should I do? Should I text my mom and tell her? Not say anything at all? Say something later?

Thanks x
Should I tell my parents about my date?
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