Any Help For My First Date?

To start with I am 16 and have never been on a date.

Okay, so on Saturday at an awards evening I helped organize I was asked out to the cinema by a guy I have met a few times who also helped the planning and I agreed, utterly flattered and figuring I would give it a go. He is not the best looking guy, but a real gentleman and is really nice. He is 19 and lives not too far away from me.

On the way back to our local center by coach, he held my hand and placed it on his leg just above his knee. I wasn't quite sure what to do, but I figured I would hold his hand and see what happened. Nothing else did and we just spoke for the whole journey.

As I had no way of getting home, he arranged for his mum to pick us both up and drop me home before him. Just before we reached my house, he lent over to me and pursed his lips to kiss me. I was stunned, he was going so fast. Not wanting to be foolish, I told him no, not yet, and although he seemed a little unsure about this, he did not press me and for that I was grateful.

We have since been texting, him sending me morning texts and today's was 'morning sexy x' I wasn't too sure about this, I am *certainly* not good looking and thought perhaps this was a little too fast for him to be saying things like this.

I honestly don't know, but I am worried now about next weekend. Will I enjoy myself? Or will I be too nervous for anything, seize up and ruin the whole thing? Or will he try to take it too far, being older than me and more experienced with girls?

Please help, guys and girls help will be appreciated!

Thank you!

And it should be under dating not sexuality :s


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  • You are way too naive for 16. Yes he will try to take it further than you want. Yes you will ruin the whole thing. A goodbye kiss was too fast for you? Are you a Shaker? ) That was a religious group that did not allow any sex. Obviously they went extinct from not reproducing.

    You should relax, think about sexual matters, and plan for how to start catching up. You are going to a movie with him. A goodnight kiss is perfectly normal and should be expected. There likely will be an attempt to kiss you in the dark theater, and no real reason for you to resist this. That does not mean you have to miss the movie because you are locked up in a two hour necking session with him, but it won't hurt a thing to participate a little.

    Likely he will try to feel your breasts and your crotch also. There is no harm in this. It is fun, but you can limit how far that goes. You don't have to let him inside your pants nor do you have to reach into his, but you might enjoy some over the pants massaging. Your breasts are perfectly safe. No harm can come from letting him play with those, and many girls love the feeling, but he can reach under your shirt. There is no need to open your shirt up for him.

    Most important, relax, you now know what is likely to happen. You should press your limits a bit, but your not required to just submit to anything he might have in mind. Try to enjoy yourself, the movie, and his company. Undoubtedly your limits will not be as far as his, so you will have to be prepared to enforce "your" limits, but don't be so prudish that you don't both have a little fun.

    Good luck :)


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  • What this guy can't get anyone his own age? No offense or anything he is 19 and your 16 obsvious that you have no experience and he knows that he will take advantage of you in all ways. Be careful with this one and don't base your feeling all on looks all time its not about looks its more about who he really is and his intentions are. Sounds like he is moving pretty fast just from the first date if you feel uncomfortable around him or if he tries something just say no remember no don't have to be his boyfriend automatically just because you went on one date. Who said you weren't good looking who is feeding you these ideas? Someone asked you out so I would assume that your a catch for someone. Since you are under experienced in dating try setting up a group date so the pressue is off of you and more onto to him.


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  • Well I've been in the same thing before. Older guys can be scary. No matter if you've known them forever or not. If you REALLY don;t like him and don;t want to get involved. It's a gut feeling so just tell him you don't like him like that. You never want to lead a guy on. But if you want to try go on the date. But 1. Don't lead him on. 2. Tell him your not that kind of girl. Hope this helps!