A few questions, what if she never texts first? when to ask her out? what are signs that she still likes her ex?

hey I'm most likely over thinking all this stuff but it would be nice to see another persons thoughts on the questions I have if you can help me that would be great . I will try and describe my situation a bit

I met this girl and we met up for a first date. hit it off held hands and had a nice time out I compliment her but not to much to show I'm too into her off the start and she compliments me too so that's good, it seems like things are going good. we just went out on our second date had a really good time, we kissed for the first time and 2 more times that same night, the thing is when I text her she will answer no problem but,she will never text me first for some reason she always waits for me to say hey how was your day she won't start the conversation. most of the time ill give in and text her but today I waited all day and I know she's just waiting to hear from me should I Wait it out and see if she texts back. is this some sort of game that girls play to see if your really into them..

another thing is in a few days I plan on taking her out again for our 3rd date, I still have to ask her I'm not worried about that because I know she will say yes if she's not busy, its just that we have been getting along really well and I know that she some times goes out with her guy friends and has drinks and stuff, I'm starting to like her allot and I don't want to lose her,to some one else so I'm not sure when is the right time to ask her to be my girlfriend should I Wait a few more dates or is it when ever the time is right?,

i have another question as well. how can you be sure that she's not still thinking about her ex, because they broke up about 5 months ago, but some times when we are talking she will use an example of what her and her ex used to do in the past for fun or where they went. I may be over thinking this I'm just curious she was with him for 3 years is it OK that she brings him up some times?


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  • well I can sort of help for the first part anyway, same thing with the girl I'm dating, went on a few dates all great (were still together) but she didn't text me first..ever. so I was getting signals that she wasn't interested even tho when I text her I knew she was. so I basically just said to her (cant remember if it was on fb or through txt) simply.."you are allowed to text me too you kno ;)" in like a playful way but made a point..and now she texts me first 6/10 times. don't get me wrong you will have to text her first too..as with my girl she thinks since because I'm the guy its my job to do the txting/organizing of dates etc as I found in when we were in bed the other night

    dont rush the girlfriend thing! 3 dates is WAY to early, me and my girl are not official yet (dating for 2 months), I've talked about it, because I feel we are moving in that direction and like you I don't want to lose her to other dude, but she doesn't want to rush into a relationship (even tho we are seeing each other and no-one else...i hope...) some girls like to test the water for a few months before getting into a relationship, if you ask her to be your girlfriend straight away she might freak and end it, especially if she has been single for a while , whereas I've known girls to jump in and out a 2 relationships in the same week!

    if you like this girl and don't want to lose her, take it slow but don't let the momentum stop. keep it fresh. mix up the dates, not just dinner, but lunch, trips out, keep her guessing and she will (hopefully) love it.

    hope this helps!